Workshop Testimonial


Theresa Chatfield to Allie O’Shea

Hello everyone, I just wanted to take some time to tell you all how happy I am that I came across Allie O’Shea. I’ve been through years of tough times & still going through them but firmly believe that it was divine timing that I found Allie at this point in my life. I am very new to learning about Law Of Attraction & so far I’m just absolutely blown away! Being new to it all I decided to start listening to Allie’s live recorded modules (currently listened to Module 1 & 2) Allie explains so clearly what Law of Attraction is & gives lessons/homework on how to start changing your life for the better. I have followed what Allie shares in her Modules & already i am seeing some differences in myself & how my desires are unfolding. I am starting to see things so differently compared to before & it really is so special that Allie is sharing such life changing information with us all. I will be forever grateful to this amazing lady!! I really recommend that you listen to Allies course modules, you will not regret it! It’s really hard to write a review for someone & something as special as this, there are no words to explain how life changing this all is but I couldn’t recommend Allie highly enough. In fact I am so sure that you won’t regret it that I am happy to pay for Module 1 for a new welcomed friend of Allies choice, to get you started! I just know that you will see how special this all is. Namaste xx


Karie – Ireland

“I have just done the Law of Attraction with Allie today. I am completely blown away. Even if you have done a course before or watched The Secret I still think you need to do Allie’s course. Completely inspiring and so looking forward to seeing how my life unfolds. Thank you Allie so much. Such a wonderful gift to give to people.”

Ciara – Ireland

“Absolutely loved the workshop on Saturday Allie will be recommending it to everybody. You’re so good at what you do and put everyone so at ease xxx”

Denise – Ireland

“I’m currently doing the law of attraction course with Allie. It’s an amazing course, I’ve learned so much from it. Since starting a few things have already changed for me. If anyone is considering doing this course I would highly recommend doing it and Allie is amazing at what she does and explains everyrhing so well. Thank you so much Allie x”