Law of Attraction Workshop Module 3


Law of Attraction Workshop Module 3

In this workshop Allie takes you through Journaling, Protecting your Energy Field, The Importance of Decluttering, How random acts of kindness helps others but also you and Connection with the Universe.



Law of Attraction Workshop Module 3

Module 3

  • Journaling – This section explains about how Journaling can impact your life, from troubled relationships to creating your perfect future
  • Random Acts of Kindness & the People you Connect with – Here we discuss why Random Acts of Kindness are important for the expansion of humanity and how it can help you to manifest more wonderful things into your life. I also explain about Soul Tribes & why you might want one
  • Decluttering and Energy – In this section I take you through what decluttering can mean for your manifesting powers amongst other things
  • Connecting with the Universe – This section covers how to and why you should connect with the Universe
  • Protecting your Energy Field – Here we discuss what your Energy field is & why & how to protect it

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