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Do you want to become a Deliberate Creator, rather than a Creator by Default?  Do you want to get into Alignment with your Soul/Your Inner Being so that you can begin to harness the powers of the universe to manifest more of the things that you want in your life with ease and flow?  If so, this workshop is for you!

When you purchase this set of 4 workshops you will also get Allie’s Crystal Workshop Free.

These are the tools I use each day which helped to take me out of 25 years of Depression & off Medication.

Disclaimer – This workshop is purely made up of tools that you can put in your toolbox to assist you on your life journey.  I do not claim to be a medical advisor, this is not a substitute for medical advice and as always if you are suffering Mental Illness, my advice would always to be to contact your Doctor

I hope you learn, grow and expand.

It is Co-Creation at it’s best!!!

With Love, Light and Gratitude

Allie O’Shea



  • With this purchase you will also get my Crystal Workshop Free to the value of $55.50
  • Introduction to the Law of Attraction – This Section covers the basic principles of the Law of Attraction
  • Positivity & all the good stuff – This Section covers Positivity & how Negation is not an effective way to utilise the Law of Attraction, Energy, Repetition, Your Emotions and the key they play
  • Abundance & Prosperity – Learn how to create Abundance & Prosperity in your Life
  • Gratitude & Appreciation – Learn the differences between these two very powerful emotions & how to utilise them to help you to manifest more wonderful things in your life
  • Affirmations – This section covers Affirmations, when to use them and why we should along with tips for reprogramming your sub-conscious mind
  • Delving into Meditation- This section explains about how Meditation can be one of the most effective ways to release resistance and to re-align with your Soul, how to meditate & recommendations – there is also a meditation for you to enjoy
  • Raising your Vibration – I explain what your Vibration is & how & why you would want to raise it
  • Creative Visualization – Here I explain how to do Creative Visualizing, the techniques that are effective & there is also a bonus recording of a Creative Visualization for you to listen to
  • Vision Boards – Here I take you through my own Vision Boards & explain how to create your own & how to utilize them after they are complete
  • Journaling – This section explains about how Journaling can impact your life, from troubled relationships to creating your perfect future
  • Random Acts of Kindness & the People you Connect with – Here we discuss why Random Acts of Kindness are important for the expansion of humanity and how it can help you to manifest more wonderful things into your life. I also explain about Soul Tribes & why you might want one
  • Decluttering and Energy – In this section I take you through what decluttering can mean for your manifesting powers amongst other things
  • Connecting with the Universe – This section covers how to and why you should connect with the Universe
  • Protecting your Energy Field – Here we discuss what your Energy field is & why & how to protect it
  • Law of Faith – How & why you should believe & trust that the Universe has your back
  • Manifesting – Here I take you through what Manifesting is & how to practice it as a deliberate creator
  • Attracting a Soulmate – In this section I give you tips on how to attract a Soul Mate
  • Reading/Listening Material – Recommendations of people I love as my mentors and teachers

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  1. ‎Colleen Cook Oxton‎


    Allie O’Shea

    I Am No Stranger To The Law Of Attraction~Thinking Back My Journey With The LOA Started In “1995” With Florence Schrovel & Louise Hays Writings Then Onward To The Secret & The Movie ALL Of Rhonda Byrne’s Books, Abraham, Dr. Wayne Dyer & Etc. Then In One Of The Abraham Hicks Groups I Was Introduced To Allie O’Shea. As I Listened To Allie Talk I Was Drawn Into Her Amazing Energy~She Spoke Of Her Workshops & Affirmations. So I Searched Her Website & Purchased Her “I Am” Affirmations, The Magic Box, H’oponopono, The Skyscraper Meditations & Her “4” Module Workshops.
    As I Began Her Workshops “Everything” Just Seem To “Click” For Me.
    I Realized Thru Allie’s Teachings I Was Actually Blocking Myself! How Is That You May Ask? I Would Do The “3” Steps ~ASK~ BELIEVE & RECEIVE~ And I Would Receive By Default A Few Things I Was Asking For BUT Here Is The “Magic” Step = I Wasn’t Letting Go Of The Control & Stepping Aside To Let The Universe Bring What I Asked For To Me~I Was Like Okay It Hasn’t Shown Up What Am I Doing Wrong?? I Didn’t Realize That I Was Actually Blocking Myself For The Universe To Bring Forth My Desires By Thinking This Is How My Desire Should Be Brought To Me It Would Start Me Down The Negativity Path
    Now When I Start Going Down The Negative Path I Know There Is The 17 To 68 Second Rule Before It Becomes A Thing “Thoughts Become Things” I Quickly Focus On A Positive Affirmation Such As This One= Everything Is Always Working Out For My Highest Good”
    Things Are Changing Magnificently for Me Now My Desires Are Lining Up At Records Speed Since I Have Stopped Trying to Control “The How” & Surrender All Resistance & Chill Out.
    Bless & Thank~You Allie For Your Insights Into The Law Of Attraction & Bringing It Forth Into Your Amazing Workshops.

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