“I AM” Meditation

To enjoy this Meditation offline you can now purchase it HERE for $3.00

Voluntary Donation

Feel free to follow and enjoy this content free of charge but... should you wish you can now offer a small donation for my time. Thank you and enjoy.



  1. Hi, Allie
    I am donating 5 spots to five different people. Those who can’t afford the monies for the meditations. More than happy to make someone smile!

      1. You’re more than welcome, Allie. Allowing happiness for all who can appreciate your loving meditation. Thank you, for doing this precious meditation for all of us. Bless all you do! Source, is a wonderful giver. I am blessed.

      2. Hi Allie,
        Today Friday 2/2/18 I am making a donation.
        One 30.00 for a session for someone
        12.00 for 4 meditations
        12.00 for my monthly session
        3 spots of a monthly session in the new group~36.00 dollars USA
        All together equals 78.00 dollars, USA

  2. Hi Allie,
    Can you give a meditation to Marco Lopez, he is a friend now and is pipping hot. He is a friend of my niece, Laura. I’m turning him on to your meditation and Abraham. He lives in Los Angeles and knows about AH and Bob Proctor, wow. Nice human being, we all went to breakfast yesterday. We are both on FB together now.

  3. I Love Allie’s “I AM” Affirmation Meditation. I Do This Daily & I Have More Love For Myself. It Is An Empowering Meditation.

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