Allies top Abraham Hicks Clips

Here is a clip where Abraham talks to a lady with money blocks and guilt over past issues with her business. We have added some money affirmation to the end of this video as it relates to the content.

Here is another Abe Clip which Allie likes. As Allie is also a Healer as is the lady speaking with Abraham it resonated with Allie. Again we have added some of Allies Affirmations for Health to this as it is a good way to change your mind set around how you feel ad the effect it has on your health. Hope you enjoy. Thank you. For more information on Abraham Hicks please visit

So here we have one of Allie’s top Abraham Hicks recordings talking about the importance of self love followed by some affirmations Allie has recorded which relates to this Abe clip. For more information on Abraham Hicks please visit


Kick start your day with this Abraham video “How to start your day right” followed by positive Morning Affirmations.