About Allie O’Shea

My name is Allie O’Shea.  I live in Ireland with my husband, Paul and our two children.  I also am a qualified practicing Natural Energy healer & Reiki Practitioner.  I am also an International Law of Attraction Practitioner & Motivational Speaker & I teach people how to understand the Law of Attraction & utilise the powers of the Universe through my Workshop & Motivational Speaking.  My Workshop on the Law of Attraction is a series of 4 video modules where I take you through the various steps of learning about the Law of Attraction and how to get into Alignment.  The recorded versions are available for you to purchase and download immediately.  I also host live versions of these workshops as my schedule allows.
I used to own an Angel & Crystal shop with my husband, Paul & have also now launched my ‘Introduction to Crystals’ workshop live, the recorded version will be available to purchase on my website soon.
I have also written and recorded my own Meditations which are available freely to listen to either on my website or You Tube.  They are also available to purchase for download here on my website.
I have been honoured to be published by Rumi Quotes
I am a massive Abraham Hicks fan and attended one of their workshops in the USA in August 2017.
I also run Allie O’s Vibe Tribe which is a Subscription based Facebook page where I go live every week teaching about the Law of Attraction & Positivity.  I will  also be bringing other guest speakers also in from time to time to teach as well.  It is a place where members can support each other and lift each other up in love on their Law of Attraction & Spiritual Journey. To Subscribe please use the button below.
I pride myself on continuing growth and expansion and am continually investing in myself for this purpose and for the purpose of teaching & inspiring others.


I pride myself on learning and expanding, I feel we are all growing in this new ‘awakening age’ & even through teaching that I will also still learn!