Authentic You

Asking for what you want and being the Authentic Version of yourself

Do you always ask for what you actually want, or do you beat around the bush because you’re afraid you’ll hurt someone else’s feelings?  Do you say Yes to people even when you want to say No because you feel you have to do something they want you to do or they won’t be happy with you?  What happens in these cases is that you end up hurting yourself because you are not being your Authentic Version of you!


You should always be true to yourself.  Authenticity, in reality is the most natural expression of what you Think, Believe in and Love.  If you believe in something it should be shown in your actions.  If an action, habit or thought pattern feels uncomfortable or unnatural, it probably isn’t true to your authentic self.  Being your True Self or your Authentic You is an important part of the spiritual journey & should be a daily practice.

What would it feel like to radiate meaning & positivity from your very being?  How would you be? How would you be around others?  What would you do differently?  At the core of these answers lie your values and true nature.

How do you act around others?  Picture yourself around people in different situations such as parties, family gatherings and work. Are you being true to the things that you actually want to say and how you really feel about the situations? How do you normally behave, do you put up a barrier because maybe you don’t feel confident to let others see the real you?  It is so important for your health and well being to always speak your truth.  If you don’t speak your truth, it can eventually lead to your energy centres getting blocked and resulting in sickness.  You are a unique and marvellous being.  There is only one of ‘You’ in this Universe and it’s your chance to shine and show everyone who you are.


So if you’re lacking in confidence, do things to build that up.  Be well informed around the subjects you like and wish to talk to others about.  If you lack confidence about your body, eat more healthily or exercise more.  Set good intentions around the things that you would like to be/do/have or achieve in life.

I understand that sometimes we may feel ‘small’ or ‘unworthy’ enough to feel we can express ourselves around certain people.  But I do believe that in order to express yourself in a way that feels comfortable to you, you must push past those limiting self -beliefs about yourself, by working on yourself every single day.  Utilize the power of affirmations to help you and remember it takes at least approximately 21-30 days to reprogram your subconscious mind.

By supressing your opinions, you are disrespecting yourself and giving a powerful message out into the Universe that you would like for others to disrespect you.  Don’t let others make major decisions for you, you need to make peace with making your own choices and finding your own path.  The Universe is calling you to your path and the only way to follow it, is to be in touch with your Inner Being with your Higher Consciousness and with all that some call God.


Be willing to forgive yourself for past mistakes so that this will also help with your self worth.  Embrace any imperfections you may have, you are a spiritual being having a human experience and we all have imperfections, so learning to embrace them will help and serve you on your Spiritual Journey.  Empower and have respect for yourself and the whole of you are.  You didn’t come here to live someone else’s life, you came here to live a happy life for you.


Written by Allie O’Shea,
December 2017

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