Deliberate Creating

What Thoughts are you thinking?

What kinds of thoughts are you thinking?  We have thousands of thoughts daily.  If you were to become more aware of your thoughts and paid attention to them and how they made you feel, you would never think a negative thought again!  Our thoughts are creating our reality in every moment.  Choose your thoughts carefully, become more aware of what you are thinking about.  Your thoughts are what you are vibrating out into the world, that’s the energy you’re giving off, therefore, if you think about that for a moment, that means if you’re thinking negative thoughts, you are going to by the very powerful Law of Attraction draw more negative thoughts to you along with most likely negative people or situations.  I’m sure you don’t want that!

what are u thinking

So how do we turn it around?  Well, we are all humans living here on this planet, so just start by becoming more aware of your thoughts and understanding that your feelings are created by your thoughts.  How you feel, is your key to understand when you’re focused in the wrong direction!

Once you catch those thoughts early, it’s easier to turn it around, easier to change the thought to something more positive!  We all have something positive we can turn our attention to…..perhaps you own an animal – go pet them, maybe you like uplifting music – listen to that, meditate whether it’s solo or guided – whichever is easier for you, get out into nature – go somewhere beautiful, like a beach or a forest, maybe you like to dance – go do that!  Whatever it is that can uplift your spirits in a more positive way and raise your vibration, do that!



One of the best things you can do is Meditate! Why? Because when you meditate, you stop all thought!  You have to get good at it, so practice it daily.  This is making the time for you to get into alignment with your Soul. It stops negative thought and also stops resistant thought!  It is a key tool in helping you to harness the powers of the Universe and the Law of Attraction.  What happens, if you’ve practiced enough, when you come out of meditation and carry on with your day, thoughts and ideas will come to you and they will be really good.  In fact they will feel like they are ‘magic!’  They will flow to you. They will help to nudge you in the correct path of some inspired action to take!


Visualization & Your Imagination

Using your imagination is easy!  You already know how to do it! Picture a scene in your mind, a beautiful white sandy beach that stretches for miles and miles, where the water is turquoise and there are palm trees that are blowing in the light warm breeze, what are you wearing, a swimsuit perhaps or a bikini or maybe shorts and a t-shirt?  Who’s with you? What are you chatting about?  Perhaps you’re having a cocktail on this picturesque beach, or a picnic!  There, you see how easy that is?  Visualizing your perfect day/future should be a daily habit when wanting to be a deliberate Creator. It is also an amazing tool that works, but only if you practice it daily.  Spend at least 5 minutes a day visualizing what it is you want.  To speed things up, do it more than once a day.  Get yourself into a deep relaxed state of mind, perhaps by doing a short body scan or meditation first. Make sure you bring all 5 senses into play – sight, smell, touch, taste and sounds.  Imagine how you would feel if you were living this scene, bring emotions and feelings into your visualization and make it as vivid as possible.  I like to snapshot pictures of the most glorious beaches and post them on facebook and using my imagination, making them my virtual reality for the day!  I picture myself in those places and what I would be doing there, just as I described above!  It’s a fun thing to do!Abraham Hicks also has a game called Virtual Reality, the description of how to play it is freely available on You Tube.


Alignment & Expansion

Getting into alignment with your own Soul/Inner being and expansion go hand in hand because if you’re not in alignment, what it means is, you are resisting your expansion.  Your soul is your expanded version of you.  It is guiding you and letting you know in every moment by how you feel whether you’re on the right path or not of what step to take next.  You have to listen to your emotions and feelings because each time you are feeling negative emotion, it’s your soul, your expanded version of you, telling you it doesn’t agree with you.  I really feel that we are in a new awakening place on this planet, where I see so many people waking up to understanding this.  I think it is wonderful to be a part of the fact that so many people are becoming more and more aware of the Laws of the Universe, mainly The Law of Attraction and The Law of Vibration.  That they are understanding that their thoughts become things, that we have come here for expansion and to be happy, to enjoy life and the journey and that we are marvellous Creators living in this truly amazing world.



There are many teachers out there teaching us about alignment and expansion, of which I am one.  We all resonate towards who we resonate towards and for one human it could be Abraham Hicks (as it is so clearly for me) or for others maybe it’s Bob Proctor or Neville Goddard.  There are plenty to choose from.  I like to write these little blogs which are mostly based upon Abraham’s teachings.  I host Online Workshops and Live Workshops on the Law of Attraction and how to Deliberately Create Your Own Reality.  I have broken down my workshops into 4 Modules and the overall picture gives you the tools to be able to stay in alignment and have a better understanding of the full process.  I like to come at it from a simplistic approach, that everyone can understand. I believe that also by my teaching, I am still growing, learning and expanding.   You can book my workshops by going to where you can also read my other blogs too.

Sending Love and Light to you all

Written by Allie O’Shea 2nd November 2017

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  1. I have always been a very visual person. (other works a daydreamer by my teachers in school) lol In the past few years I stop for some reason.Thank you for bringing that back to me Allie. xoxo <3 < 3 <3

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