Forgetting to Remember?



Did you wake up this morning and forget to remember to practice Gratitude?  Did you wake up this morning and forget to appreciate all that you have in your life?  Or, did you wake up and open your eyes and say thank you to God/The Universe/Source for all you have to be thankful for?  So often, people forget to remember just how amazing their lives are.  They forget to remember and be appreciative of all the things, no matter how small they should be giving thanks and showing appreciation for.

Remember, you are creating in every moment of your waking day and what you put out into the Universe will come back to you, therefore, if you practice gratitude & appreciation, the Universe/God/Source will hear that and by the powerful universal law of attraction, more things to be grateful for and appreciate will come back to you.  It is Law!


Your Soul is Infinite

You are after all an Energetic Being.  You are a Soul in a body, a vessel for you to use as you walk through this life on planet Earth.  You are a magnificent being living on a magnificent planet.  Did you forget to remember these things too?  The Divine Source is within you, it is all around you and moving with you, it is waiting to be heard.  Therefore, it is so important to expand your Soul, to spend time nourishing your Soul, to meditate, to read and absorb anything Spiritual that may call you.  Your Soul wants to grow, it is calling you.

Did you forget that you are an Infinite Being?  You are, as I said a Soul and when your body dies, it doesn’t mean that your Soul does, it is truly Infinite and it will never perish.  Did you forget to remember these important details?  Once, you have woken up again and remember these things, you can begin again to help your Soul to flourish.  You are an amazing Being.  Learn from other Spiritual Teachers & apply the things they teach.  It is so important to invest in yourself for the purpose of expansion & growth.



Remember, happiness is the key.  It is so important to remember to be happy on your journey of life.  Make time to do the things you love to do, the things that make your Soul sing, the things that make your heart soar.   Remember not to forget to be kind and loving to others, we are all energy and therefore connected to everyone and everything on this planet.  Smile at someone today, be loving and helpful to every soul that crosses your path.  Go out into Nature and breathe in the crisp clean fresh air and give thanks for it.

Remember not to forget!

Written by Allie O’Shea

28th November 2017

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  1. Hi 🙂
    Im it is Kiki short from Kristinka. Im from Croatia and somehowe im bumped in your pages i would like to belive something lead me on your site becous you write things im thinking of. It is how you said and it must be ..the low of atraction hh. I love to laugh i love to make people around me to lough i love rain and sun, snow and clouds and many times i find people around me that they dont see how it is all beautyful. I just wonted to say hi and whish you all the best. It is nice to come acors people that see the beauty as i do.
    Ps. sory if my speling wasn’t. the best.

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful message! Yes I agree ☝️ it’s important to see the beauty in everything and to appreciate even the smallest of things! I teach this stuff daily and I host online workshops, you can check them out and book them directly here on the website- many thanks 🙏 Allie O’Shea ❤️🙏

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