Limitless Being


Do you know that you are amazing?  Do you know that you are a Limitless Being with endless possibilities surrounding you in every moment of every day?  Endless possibilities to be, do or have anything you want in this lifetime.  You are Infinite Consciousness.  You are the very essence of everything that exists in this universe.  Be aware in the existence of your Ego, it is a delusion, once you understand this, you will then understand that you are Infinite Consciousness.  It is also important to remember that you are a Soul housed in a body.

How do we measure the duration of a lifespan in eternity?  Our lifespan here on earth is but a tiny moment in comparison to ‘Eternity,’ which goes way before and way beyond our lifespan.

Our existence is Infinite Consciousness.  One’s lifespan is just a single thought in that consciousness.

While this lifetime sometimes seems like a dream, I truly feel the world is awakening to these truths.  More and more people are getting in touch with that side of themselves that is inseparable from ALL that exists. More and more people are awakening to the fact that we are here to grow and expand, that we are limitless beings that came here to planet Earth to embrace the journey of expansion, not only for oneself but for all the other humans on the planet.  We are all ONE in this Universe.





Once you realise that we are all made up of Energy and therefore we are all connected, things start to change and awaken within you.  You realise that the thoughts you are thinking are affecting others around you.  The thoughts you are thinking about another person is Energy that they are receiving from you.  Therefore, wouldn’t it be nice if we only thought happy, kind and loving thoughts about others, after all the vibration that we are putting out is being reflected back to us in every moment of our lives.

We all experience contrast, those ups and downs that we go through in life.  That contrast, while it may seem unpleasant, is so important as it helps us to recognise the things we don’t want for ourselves, therefore giving birth to the things we recognise we do want.

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Imagine the perfection of the contrast you go through that keeps producing more possibilities, then start to imagine what infinite intelligence collective consciousness ‘hopes, dreams & wishes’ might be as a result of that contrast, that billions of us have asked for?  Imagine our collective potential once we release the resistance.

Endless Possibilities

With that said, you need to realise how amazing you are, how you have come here to expand your soul and grow from that expansion.  You are a powerful being.  There are so many possibilities within your life, so don’t ever feel limited to a few options. There are so many paths to take and just because you feel like you missed out on one opportunity, does not mean that there won’t be plenty more opportunities that will guide you to where you want to go.

We all know the saying – if the door doesn’t open, it’s not your door.  There will be countless other doors & endless possibilities, so always remember that.

You are a limitless being and there are limitless possibilities of not only how something gets manifested into your life, but also how you can expand.  Your Soul can get thirsty, remember to water it & nourish it, then like a seed it will flourish!


Remember how powerful you are, how amazing you are and that you can be a Deliberate Creator.

Written by Allie O’Shea

22nd November 2017

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