Hocus Pocus Focus

Focus ONLY on what you do want

It’s time to shift your perspective!  Everything is really two things…what on earth does that mean?  Equals and opposites, positives and negatives, the same goes for every thought that you’re having.  If you want more money for example, are you focused on the big fat zero sitting in the balance of your bank account or are you focused on the other abundance that you have in your life?  It’s like a video I posted earlier on Facebook this week in my ‘Law of Attraction – Create your Own Reality’ group, in which I addressed the fact that we all have something in our lives to appreciate.  Appreciation is the same vibration as Love, (this blows my mind btw!) & when you find things to appreciate in your life, your life becomes seemingly ‘magical!’

Now I hear some of you saying ‘yeah but, look at my bank account, it’s my reality!’  If you would stop and appreciate other things in your life, instead of looking at the lack, things would change for you.  It’s about shifting your vibration towards more of the things that you do want.  If you are able to read my blog, you have enough money to be able to pay for WIFI somehow and you could begin with the appreciation of that for example.  Or how about the fact that your eyes are translating the vibration to be able to see what I have written?  There are so many things to appreciate, but, so many people are focused on the things that they don’t have or want, that they loose sight of what is important in their lives.


Your emotions play a pivotal part in your everyday life.  They are your key to what you are thinking.  Your thoughts create your emotions and so when you stop and think about how you feel, you can tell how you are vibrating and what you are giving out to the world.  It’s so important to care about how you feel.  An emotion that does not feel good to you simply means that your Inner Being/Your Soul is not in agreement with your perspective of whatever that is.  Negative feelings are a disconnection from Source.  You don’t want to gain momentum on the negativity, so reach for a better feeling thought.  When I personally have a negative thought that I find difficult to get out of my head, I use affirmations, I say some of my favourites, like “Things are always working out for me,” or “The Universe has my back.” 



The best way to find a better feeling thought is to change the subject.  Focus on what feels good and get stable in your alignment and then the better feeling thought will come to you on that subject that you had negative thoughts about.  Catch yourself in the earlier stages of a negative thought, reach for that better feeling thought as soon as you can.  Appreciate your guidance, your emotions and realise they are not repressed feelings anymore.  You have choices, you get to choose.  Choose the frequency of your point of attraction and law of attraction will back you up.


Hocus Pocus Focus

I love Esther Hicks/Abraham’s saying “Hocus Pocus Focus!”  It reminds me of the ‘magic’ that surrounds us, if we can just bring our attention back into focus and see the important things that show up in our lives.  But it’s not really magic you see, it is the powers of the Universe at work, bringing forces and events, synchronicities and people to us combined together to give us more of what we have been thinking of and reinforcing it.  So, that’s right if you’re thinking I have no money, guess what, the universe is going to go to every length to prove you right and give you back exactly what you have been thinking of, lack of money!  The same goes for every subject, relationships, careers, health etc.

So really adjust your focus.  Find things to appreciate and make lists about them.  Look out into the world and see the beauty in it.  Don’t focus on the lack of things in your life – that is not the right way to go about it.  If you want more love in your life, focus on the love you do have, maybe it’s the love you get from your friends, your children, your spouse, your siblings, it’s simple really, if you want to receive more love in your life, focus on those things.  If you want a nicer car, don’t focus on the fact that the car you’re driving right now is a banger, look after it, appreciate it, keep it clean, be grateful for it.  Show that car some love!  The same thing goes if you want a new house, look after the house you do have, show the house some love! 

When you appreciate what you have, the Universe will support you and bring you more of the good stuff, every single time, no exceptions!


Written by Allie O’Shea,
5th October 2017


  1. Allie…this blog is amazing!! Thank you so much for writing it! As I’ve told you before…I’m sooo grateful have your amazing vibration in my life! I look forward to a long vibrational friendship…much love and hugs 💗❤️🤗🤗

  2. Allie, the words you have spoken are so true !!! I put out a thought that I wanted to learn a lot more about Law of Attraction, Meditation, and positively. It brought me to Abraham Hicks Vortex Group where you were doing a live feed. I am now proud to say I am a student of Allie O’Shea and have learned ever more in the past week then I ever thought. I am looking forward to your workshops, some healing sessions and more. Thank You once again for everything you have done for me and for being in my life !!! <3 <3 <3

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