68 Seconds to Manifestation

How do you hold things in your vibration & what does that mean exactly?

First & Foremost what you are is ENERGY!  You are made up of atoms, which are made up of subatomic particles. What are subatomic particles? ENERGY!  You are like a magnet, literally attracting the people, things, ideas & circumstances to you that vibrate & resonate at the same energy frequency as yours. You are a powerful creator and you are creating your own reality in every moment in time.


Everything including you is Energy!

17-68 Seconds!

“Thoughts become things” is one of Mike Dooley’s catch phrases/sayings & how true that is!  (Mike Features in the Secret Movie & is the creator of Tut.com & Notes from the Universe amongst other amazing things). Thoughts are actually measurable units of energy, they are very powerful & real.  They are biochemical electrical impulses! So, when you hold a thought, even for as little as 17 seconds the momentum gets going around that subject and by the very powerful nature of Law of Attraction, every 17 seconds you add to the first 17, until you reach 68 seconds, things get moving and manifestation has begun.  Whatever you have been thinking about at the point of 68 seconds has been set in motion on the etheric realm or in your ‘vortex’ as Abraham Hicks likes to call it.  Now, I don’t know about you, but that blows my mind.  68 seconds & manifestation has begun.

17 seconds

If you wish to change your experience, then you need to change your vibration!

In essence, it’s usually, the things we are thinking about over and over and over again, you know, those things we replay over in our minds.  A lot of us overthink and over worry, especially at night when we’re trying to get to sleep.  However,  it is all the little things that make up your day that add to the bigger picture of your vibration along with other things that you have picked up on your journey of life, past events, t.v programs you watch, books you have read, arguments you may have had, the people whose company you keep, pain & suffering you may have encountered, or illness that you have had in the past may still be held in your vibration.  This is why, it is so important to pay attention to how you feel around any of these topics as you may need to clean your vibration up around these topics!  If you want to change what you experience, then you need to change your vibration.

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I’m going to tell you a story of things that have happened to me that equalled my point of attraction which equalled my vibration last week on my way to my shop for my Law of Attraction Live Workshop.


The Poor Puddy Cat

About 10 years ago I was driving down the same road I will talk about through this whole story.  I was doing 50kph which was the speed limit.  Suddenly, a cat flew out of no-where in front of my car and ended up dead under the wheels of my car. I was totally distraught and upset, but there was nothing I could do, the cat had just lost his 9th life.  In the last 6 months or so, the story has been brought up by my children aged 13 and 15, teasing me that I’m a ‘cat killer!’  You know how children are, they get so much fun out of winding their parents up, especially at that age!  So lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about that poor cat, reliving the moment and feeling bad for the cat.


The 2 pigeons

Last week, I was driving down the same road again, there were 2 pigeons just sitting on the road, one on my side & one on the side of the other driver coming towards me!  I reached the pigeon on my side of the road first and had to come to a halt, neither pigeons looked the slightest bit bothered. So, I sat there in my car & laughed as the other driver pulled up towards the pigeon on his side of the road, his pigeon didn’t move either, at this stage I was laughing out loud for about 10 seconds, eventually the birds moved and as the other driver passed by me and saw me laughing, he laughed too.


The Man

A few short days after encountering the pigeons, I was on my way to host one of my Law of Attraction Workshops, driving the same road once again.  Halfway through my drive, I saw a man standing on the edge of the footpath & a fleeting thought went through my head that he wasn’t going to look before he crossed, it was like a ‘knowing.’ I just knew he was going to do it.  Well as I got closer, it was no longer a thought, the man HAD stepped out of the road in front of my car without looking AND not only that but as I was literally feet away from him, he kept walking in front of me! I beeped so loud! He jumped and ran back to the footpath!  I rolled my window down and asked if he was ok, adding to him, you didn’t look!  He said he was sorry and that his head was somewhere else!  He came so close to being like the poor cat, he was lucky that it was me as I was very focused and alert.  Perhaps it was his wake up call to pay more attention & mine to be careful of thinking about things going under the wheels of my car!!  As Mike Dooley says “Thoughts do become things!


How do we clean up our vibration?

Focus ONLY on what you want.  Be a selective sifter of your thoughts, look for more of the positive aspects & complain less.  Look for more reasons to feel good, look for more reasons to feel uplifted and look for more reasons to uplift others also.  Look for more reasons to appreciate & look forward to the good things that are coming.

Find thoughts that feel good to you when you think them and think more of those and be aware of thoughts that don’t feel good to you and think less of those.

Abraham Hicks gives many examples and processes on how to clean your vibration up! Ask & it is given is the best book I could recommend to anyone who is on their spiritual journey.  This book contains information that will open your eyes to a whole new world.  I know it certainly did mine!

Written by Allie O’Shea

30th September 2017



  1. Thank you Allie !!!! I have set out my intention it is manifesting as I speak!!!! <3 <3 <3

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