Inspired Action!

Was I inspired to just turn my computer on and write, or did I feel I had to?
No! I was definitely inspired to do so!


When my new friend from Rumi Quotes asked when I was going to do a 6th blog for them, I said to him “You’ll have to wait until I’m feeling inspired!  I’ll have to think what I want to write about!”  Right at that moment, he was listening to me talk on the Katina Love Radio Broadcast Interview that I had just done with Katina.  Get this – he was listening to the part in the interview where I was saying that you can’t just make vision boards and expect things to explode into your reality, you have to take a little bit of ‘inspired action!’ He said to me I know what you can write about – “Inspired Action!”
That there, my friends, is Law of Attraction in Action!!!   And so, this blog now exists, no longer on the etheric realm, but in reality!


It has to feel COMPELLING! 

So, what exactly is Inspired Action? Well most of us take action first before we have taken time to get into alignment, but when you do that, you misfire!  When you get impatient that something isn’t manifesting sooner than you want it to & you’re not satisfied with the feeling of it, you want the manifestation of it and since you don’t have it, you have negative emotion gathering momentum which is keeping it from coming!

 If you want something so much that it hurts, it’s not going to come to you, you have to want it, in a way that soothes you and thrills you!  Before you take action, you should feel like you have practiced the feeling of it enough that the action is SO compelling that nothing will keep you from doing it. You have to align with your energy. The momentum is just carrying you along.  It is feeling inspired from the depths of your being.

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Who knew?

I listened to a story that Esther told about how she decided one day that she wanted a smaller car, a sports car.  A friend gave her a model of a car and she loved it so much, she thought it was a Cadillac, but when she googled it, it turned out to be an Audi R8.  She searched different states until she found one that had one for sale and eventually bought it in Arizona!  Nothing was keeping her from getting that car!  She took inspired action by googling the car she thought she wanted and ended up with something completely different, but she was in love with that car and nothing was keeping her from it.  This was inspired action, with no resistance, it was so compelling there was no way she wasn’t going to get that car!

I was with a friend of mine today, an amazing lash artist in my home town of Bray getting my beauty fix for my lashes Thereasa Arcari  & it’s so funny as when I was listening to Esther tell her story, I realised that Thereasa herself had also a few days ago taken inspired action!  When she greeted me today, she was so excited that I could tell something big had happened!  On Friday, she was parked at her Dad’s house and her daughter went over to a neighbour’s gate across the road, she was saying MOM come over!!  There was the most beautiful little puppy!  The neighbour meanwhile came home and said the owners still had two left and were looking for homes for them! Now, before this, Thereasa had never even thought about getting a dog, she works and would need help if she was to have a dog!  But, her daughter Emma begged her to go and see the other puppies, so she gave in and went!  She fell in love with that dog so much that she felt compelled to take the puppy to her partner’s place of work to show him. (More Inspired Action!) On her way back to the people who owned the dog, she knew, she was in love with this puppy!! She thought how can I get this puppy, I’d need help and then her Dad piped up from the car seat –“ I can help with the puppy, I can mind it during the day while you’re at work!” Boom, that was all that was needed!!!  Baby Louis now has a new and loving home and my friend well she has the most adorable cutest puppy with a wonderful name!  What I heard from Thereasa today was an Inspired Action in Action story, Thereasa was so compelled to get that puppy and I know that puppy will be loved and adored and it will have an amazing life!  I saw the happiness in Thereasa’s face and know that more love in the world will grow from this little bit of inspired action!!!!!

louis.jpgBaby Louis

The difference between Inspiration & Motivation!

So in essence, don’t take action before your vibration is in complete alignment with your inner being!  Feel compelled!

The difference between inspiration and motivation is inspiration is being called to who you are and motivation is trying to make yourself go somewhere!

Inspired Action can lead you to the most beautiful places in this world! Next time you get an inspired idea that feels compelling, take action, you might be surprised at what may unfold for you!

As Abraham Hicks says  – “This is a good time for Segment of Refreshment!”

Written by Allie O’Shea

17th September 2017

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