The Energy that Creates Worlds Verses The Wobble!

How to stay in alignment


How do we stay in alignment in this world where negativity flows so easily?  What does alignment even mean?  Well according to the Cambridge dictionary, it means “an arrangement in which two or more things are positioned in a straight line or parallel to each other.”

Abraham Hicks talks about alignment all the time.  The definition I take from when they talk about alignment, is that it is when your thoughts and vibration equal exactly those of your Inner Beings (your soul). 

For some people staying in alignment is easy, they have mastered the ‘art of allowing’ & they have learnt to not focus too much on the reality of the situations that crop up that could so easily affect the people who like to live on the negative end of the stick!  After all, as Abraham says “we came to create reality, not face reality!”  Some people find this hard to swallow as it’s not an easy thing to ignore a problem that’s screaming at you from the rooftops, especially things a lot of people have issues around, such as money, for example.

Mastery of alignment

The people who have mastered alignment, seem to have it all figured out, they have lots of money, beautiful houses, a wonderful family, great friends, a career that is thriving, so what, you may ask are they doing differently?

Well I believe that people who are in alignment are positive people, they try to see the positive in everything and everyone.  They usually take a negative and try to find the positive reason for it’s being.  They are generally happy people, who are grateful and appreciative of what they already have, knowing that what they have is ‘enough.’  People who are aligned most of the time, will meditate for at least 10-20minutes a day.


They usually take time for themselves to help their souls grow and expand.  Most people who are in alignment like to get out into Nature, to a beautiful forest or to a beach, where they feel at peace and at one with their Inner Being!  It’s so important to have ‘times of stillness’ within the day, a time to just be!  People who are aligned have a group of other ‘like-minded’ people as their friends, their soul tribe as we like to call it.  These people help you learn and grow and expand on your journey.

The Wobble Moment!

wobb.jpgI’ve talked about expansion in a previous blog, ‘expansive soul’ and the key thing in that blog is –  once you know you know, there is no going back!  “The door is wide and open, don’t go back to sleep” Rumi.  So, once you know what it is like to be in alignment, whenever you experience a ‘wobble/bad feeling moment’ you know instantaneously in the depths of your being that you need to get out of that ‘wobble,’ for if you don’t, the law of attraction will just bring more thoughts to match the bad feeling thoughts.  It’s not always easy, I for one, experience ‘wobbles’ quite frequently but I do things to bring myself into alignment as best I can, as quickly as I can!  For me, meditating is the best tool to stop these thoughts, unfortunately, circumstances surrounding what you may be reacting to at the time do not always permit you to go to a meditative state, in that case, I try and access the situation and calm myself by breathing and trying to reach for the best feeling thought that I have access to at that particular moment in time.

Clarity & Understanding

I listened to a clip from Abraham this morning, it talked about how one day Esther was in her garden and she was in complete Awe.  She was in Awe of the beauty, she looked at the pool, the garden, the statues, the trees,  the flowers and she said she was so much in Awe of the beauty that she could hardly stand it.  She said to Abraham “I think there is a flaw in your premise, you tell us to love unconditionally but here I am loving conditions!”  Abraham said to her , “Feel this Esther, it’s the most important moment in your life of understanding something big, you had to be in alignment before you saw the condition!”  In other words, she had to be in alignment for her to see the beauty that surrounded her. She was unconditional in her alignment which allowed connection to all that Source is and the reason she felt that way, was because she was receptive to their appreciation of those things!


As I listened to the clip, I realised I did the same thing when I was in Vegas recently.  As I was lying on a sunbed in the beautiful back garden of this most magnificent house we were renting, I too was in complete Awe at the conditions surrounding me.  The pool, the rock pool waterfall, the pretty flowers on the hedge, the sun shining and the stunning house that was there – I realized I too had one of these moments where I realised I had to have been in pure alignment before that manifestation could take place.  The feeling was exciting, love, admiration and awe.  What I’ve learnt is that I had to be in alignment first before I could experience one of the most special moments in my life where I was in complete Awe at the unfolding of the beauty surrounding me!

Action verses Energy

There is not enough ‘action’ in the world to compensate for misalignment.  So, instead of taking action, it’s far more important to meditate for 15 minutes a day if you can.  It’s how we hook in to the energy that creates worlds, it’s lining up your energy with Source.  You will find ideas flowing to you and things lining up for you, you will be in alignment with your own vibrational resources, people, places, experiences will just flow into your life!  The energy that is flowing now is all that matters.  Be in the now, just be and your life will change beyond measure.


You can have anything you desire!

So as Abraham always says, “This Time, Space, Reality has the where with all to deliver to you in fullness anything that you desire.  Anything, no exception!” 

Isn’t that good to know?


Written by Allie O’Shea


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  1. Meditation and positive thoughts are definitely are bringing me into alignment. Thank you Allie <3 <3 <3

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