The ‘Abe’, B, C of Manifesting!

To the Universe and beyond – a follow on story from ‘My journey with Abraham Hicks”

So since writing my first blog for Rumi quotes, they asked me to do a follow up blog and I’ve been wondering what I should write about, then came the perfect idea like a light bulb going off inside my head……Manifestation!  If you read the first blog you’ll know I manifested a dream trip to the States to see Abraham Hicks and to meet friends I had previously only known online!  If you haven’t read the blog, check it out on Rumi Quotes!  For those of you who don’t know what the word Manifestation means, in the English dictionary, it is a sign of something existing or happening! It also says it is an event, action or object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical.  In other words, everything that exists now was first imagined in someone’s mind.

The Universe, law of attraction & manifesting!

How do we manifest?  We manifest with our conscious and subconscious thoughts.  What you are thinking about in every moment becomes your point of attraction & that is what you are vibrating & what you are vibrating has the ability to show up in your experience, whether it’s good or bad.  This is an inclusion based Universe and the Universe does not differentiate between something you want or don’t want, it just hears what you’re thinking about & jumps into action!  So, if you’re sitting in your car and you don’t want that traffic light to turn red, don’t think about it being red because that’s all the universe hears!

This is a little story about some of the manifestations that occurred on my amazing trip to the States to see Abraham Hicks, not only did most of the things on my vision boards transpire into my reality but other amazing things manifested too, some good, some not so good!

It’s a kind of magic!

Well first of all, the trip itself was a manifestation, Esther Hicks was on my vision boards along with pictures of the vortex villa and I got to see Esther/Abraham Hicks and spend time with my beautiful friends from the Vortex Villa! The beautiful houses we stayed in, in both L.A. & Vegas were out of this world both with hot tubs & swimming pools!  These kinds of houses are displayed on my vision boards and manifested off of them and burst into my reality! Now anyone that knows me knows I don’t particularly want to live in Ireland with it’s cold & rainy climate.  As a child I had dreamed of moving to L.A. & get this…..marrying Rob Lowe!  Pipe dreams? Maybe but I still got to live the life style for 2 weeks this summer making it burst/manifest into my reality.  One of the manifestations funnily enough was when we were driving down Mullholland Ave (where Rob Lowe used to live or so I heard!) I posted a Facebook update to my childhood friend, with a picture of the sign Mullholland Ave & stating I was going to see Rob for lunch!!!!  2 hours later enters a MASSIVE billboard with Rob Lowe on it! My next Facebook status was – See I told you I’d see Rob Lowe!!!!

Rob Lowe

The Toilet Disaster!

In one of the houses we stayed in while everything else was pretty much perfect, the plumbing wasn’t so great!  You would flush the toilet and the water would keep rising & not so much stuff was flushing!  I kept thinking, hmmm, what if the toilet gets so bad that the water keeps rising and overflows?  Well it didn’t take much time for that thought to manifest into my experience, something like about 4 days! I got up one morning at 5.30am and went to the toilet and flushed, all of a sudden I was standing in the bathroom in a pool of overflowing toilet water!!! ARGH!!!


The Dolphins on the beach!

On my vision board are Dolphins because I love them and am always so in awe when I see them. I think they are some of the most beautiful creatures alive and it makes my heart sing when I see them!  While we were in L.A. we were so busy doing so many things we didn’t have much time to go to the beach, however we went to a lovely beach called Zuma beach on our second last day in L.A., recommended by one of our villa friends the day before!  All of a sudden, while my kids were in the water, I saw a huge pod of Dolphins jumping in and out of the water close to the swimmers, it was magical.  They didn’t just pass by once, they swam up and down and jumped in and out of the water playing on and off for probably about an hour.  What a wonderful manifestation!  What perfect divine timing!

The Restaurant Scenario!

For months before we went on this trip, Jo-Lynn, Paul & I had agonised over where to meet the vortex villa crew for lunch, it turned into a bit of a nightmare because the restaurant we originally wanted to go to on Malibu beach wouldn’t hold a table for a large number of us without half of us being present.  So we decided to just leave it to the universe!  We spotted Dukes on Malibu beach and told everyone that’s where we were going and trusted the universe to figure out the details!  Guess what, we got the most amazing table with a beach view.  The food was lovely & one of the girls Tara even manifested herself a big plate of ice cream to share with everyone!!!!

group lunch crop

My Creative envisioning unfolded in Vegas!

For the last couple of years, I have been visualising a beautiful home with a pool and a waterfall in a hot climate.  I would picture my husband Paul lying on a rubber seated ring with beer holders in this pool and my children splashing around.  One day myself and Jo-Lynn went shopping and left Paul at the house.  On my return he told me, hey I just carried out your visualisation almost to a tee!  What do you mean I said…well I was in the pool bobbing about on the rubber seated ring with the waterfall going and the sun blazing & I realised it was your visualisation, the only thing missing was I needed someone to bring me the beer!!!! LOL.

Pool in Vegas with Rock pool

The Law of Attraction, Vision Boards & Manifestations all work….in Divine Timing!

As I swam and bobbed about on the rubber ring in the pool myself later that day I realised so many of my manifestations had exploded into my reality on this trip.  Nearly everything on my vision board had burst into my reality!  From Abraham Hicks all the way to Vegas!  Now I’m working on my next manifestation of going back to Vegas!  So, if you’re trying to manifest something, just truly believe it, let it go, and know things are always working out for you.  If something doesn’t manifest immediately, know that divine timing is in play and things will happen for you at the right time and the right place.

The Universe always has your back!

Written by Allie O’Shea

27th August 2017

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  1. The universe sent you your wishes and dreams because of the high vibrations you send to it and everybody who lives you touch!! Thank you <3 <3 <3

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